Beautiful Blinds

Benefits of Office Blinds

When it comes to inexpensive ways to furnish and decorate your home office, consider the benefits of office blinds! Curtains, drapes, and frills may be great for the bedroom or living room, but for a professional, sleek, and modern look, office blinds work wonders. Durable and dashing, there are currently hundreds of blind types, styles, colors, shades, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

Whether your home office is fancy, elegant, plain, professional, modern, contemporary, traditional, environmentally friendly, or on a budget, office blinds are the perfect finishing touch and complement to any décor.

Functional and Fashionable

Blinds are back in fashion, and the ever-expanding types of blinds available reflect this growing trend. Made from the gamut of materials and textures and boasting an array of special features and functions, your home office can be transformed by the simple addition of versatile blinds.

Whether you are designing and building a new home office, remodeling or upgrading your existing home office, or looking for the perfect home office gift, the following are some of the many types of office blinds sweeping the industry today.

Types of Office Blinds

Wood Blinds: Beautiful in rich stain or paint, wonderful wood blinds provide precise light control (preventing harsh glare from your computer screen) and are all the rage in contemporary office décor. They are attractive and classy, thereby eliminating the need for embellishments such as curtains and valances. Choose from thinner or thicker slat options, and from cordless or motorized wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds: Featuring the good looks of genuine wood at up to 25% less cost, faux wood blinds are quickly becoming the number one choice in office window coverings. Unlike wood, faux wood is easy to clean and won't show nicks, marks, and scratches. Made from vinyl or from a vinyl-wood combination, these blinds are keepers which won't splinter or crack in humid conditions.

Aluminum Blinds: Sleek in design and solid in performance, aluminum blinds provide excellent light blockage and insulation and come in an array of thicknesses. A perfect compliment to modern minimalist home office décor!

Vertical Blinds: Easy to clean, practical and inexpensive, and offering exceptional light control, vertical blinds remain a popular choice in home and home office décor. You can select from mirrored vertical blinds, decorative fabric vertical blinds, sliding glass door vertical blinds, and many more.

Pleated Shades: These soft and stylish window coverings are easy to install and operate, and offer high quality at great value. Available in an attractive array of fabrics and colors, you can increase the privacy of your office space with the addition of a privacy or room-darkening liner (creating a white appearance outside the window).

Motorized Blinds: If you're into modern gizmos and gadgets, or if your home office window is hard to reach, enjoy the convenience of motorized blinds. At the touch of a button on your remote control, your window blinds/shades go up or down, giving you full control of your privacy and incoming light levels.

More Office Blinds

If your home office is in the vicinity of children, consider cordless blinds for extra safety. Continuous cord loop blinds enable you to raise large and heavy shades with minimal effort; bottom up/top down blinds allow you to conveniently and effortlessly raise and lower blinds by hand.

For the green office, select from eco-friendly textures such as blinds made from jute, bamboo, and paper, which are combined with polyester to provide you with strong window dressings that will enhance your office space far into the future.