Best Office Lighting

If you spend a good part of your workday in your home office, you want the best office lighting possible! In fact, office lighting and office lights are some of the most important components of home office design, and can be considered key pieces of office 'furniture' in their own right. 

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The Importance of Office Lighting

Not only does good lighting contribute to a comfortable work environment, but it prevents eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and other negative effects associated poor lighting schemes - including decreased productivity! In addition to dim lights, lights that are too bright can cause reflection or glare, headaches and fatigue, and lead to disorganization.

Best (Computer) Workspace Lighting

Most likely, you spend a lot of time working on your computer or laptop. You need proper lighting for your workspace that is not overly bright. Consider also how natural light coming in from the window changes over the course of the day, and design lighting solutions in kind.

Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to lighting that is targeted for specific office-related tasks, such as reading, writing, working on the computer, meeting with clients, etc. For instance, a variety of desk lamps are perfect for reading/preparing reports, while softer light bars are better next to a computer terminal. Ideally, task lighting should be adjustable so that you can fine tune the light's angle or intensity for the task you are working on, and so it can be repositioned in accordance with the shifting natural light.

Layered Lighting

Did you know that the best office lighting is 'layered' rather than 'even'? Stated otherwise, a uniformly lit room is not ideal for an office environment. The experts explain that since human eyes naturally seek out the brightest spot in a room - even when one doesn't exist - light that is 'even' or uniform causes eye strain and fatigue.

The best solution is layered lighting - varied intensities of light coming from different angles. For example, light emanating from a light fixture can be reflected off the ceiling and into your workspace, thereby reducing glare and comforting your eyes.

Showcase Lighting

Lighting may be practical, but it can also pack some pizzazz! Use special office lights to showcase your diplomas, certificates, trophies, and other awards and achievements on display in your home office - whether they hang on a wall, sit on a shelf, or hold a special place on your office mantel. This terrific use of modern lighting solutions not only shines a spotlight on your successes, but it communicates an aura of professionalism and competency for all to behold.

Matching Office Lighting, Color, and Furniture

Did you know that the color of your office furniture can affect your lighting scheme? Indeed, dark colors absorb light, making regular lighting seem insufficient. So if you have dark-colored office décor - i.e., dark leathers or woodwork, deep-colored carpets, or maroon/navy/brown/dark green upholstery - you will need more intense lighting than an office with light-colored furniture. To get the right balance, the experts recommend increasing the brightness of a darkly furnished office by up to 20%.

Express Your Personality with Office Lighting

Your home office should reflect who you are and what interests you - both professionally and personally. With today's huge array of lighting fixtures and designs, office lighting can help you do just that! Whether you want a look that is conservative, conventional, modish, modern, 'hi-tech' or any other - there is sure to be a lighting solution for you!