Online File Backups For Your Office

There are all manners of file backup devices on the market. From USB keys to external hard drive solutions you're spoiled for choice when it comes to backing up your data. Whatever physical data backup solution you choose they all share one basic flaw. What's that? Yes all physical data backup devices are flawed! Their one single shared weakness is that they're present in your home office. That means that if anything should happen to your home office - fire, theft or maybe even water damage then your backup data will also be damaged or stolen too!

A secure solution you can investigate is using an online file backup service. These are remote services that use your internet connection to make copies of your data and store them at a secure location. The backup itself is performed through a secure user interface that allows you to point and click your way to a successful online backup. Even a computer novice could use this type of service.

Here's the first point worth noting. If you use a dialup connection and have any more than a few megabytes of data to backup online then don't use this as a solution. The speed of your connection will drive you to frustration if you were attempting to store large amounts of data online.

Online Data Backup

Online data backups are best suited to dsl, cable or satellite connections. Basically you're going to need a high speed connection to make the most of any remote file storage service. Even with incremental backups you'll need a high speed connection to make it bearable.

The major advantage of an online backup service is that your data is stored in a remote location away from your home office. No matter what happens to your computer equipment all your precious business data will be safe - which means your business can continue as normal almost immediately.

The biggest disadvantage to online data backups is having to rely on the speed of your Internet connection. That being said with the growth of high speed Internet connections this issue is slowly becoming history.