Eco-Friendly Stationary

A Greener World

With the growing concern for the environment and the subsequent emphasis on environmentally friendly appliances and electronics for the home and home office, myriads of new "green" products are hitting the markets and shelves each day. With each invention more genius than the next, green products aim to decrease waste, protect your health, save trees, water, and energy, and reduce your utility bills.

Green Office

Office supply manufacturers have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon and have created full lines of green, waste-reducing, energy-saving, and low-voltage office and home office products. In addition to low-voltage office lighting solutions, green laptops, all-in-one printers, and other energy-efficient office appliances and gadgets, a new generation of eco-friendly office stationary is on the rise.

Desktop Whiteboards

First on the list of green office supplies are whiteboards, which dramatically cut back on paper use in the office (saving trees, water, and natural wildlife habitats) and which help to eliminate office clutter. Also known as dry-erase boards, dry-wipe boards, marker boards, and pen-boards, whiteboards work like chalkboards - allowing you to write and erase endlessly.

On a whiteboard you can schedule, re-schedule, add or change appointments, write memos and reminder notes, strategize, plan your days, weeks, or months, leave a message for your office co-workers, brainstorm, or simply doodle to your heart's delight! Moreover, these super-efficient office accessories can be purchased for less than $40.

Decorative and Custom Whiteboards

As whiteboards have rapidly become a fixture in many offices, home offices, conference rooms and school classrooms, new lines of decorative and custom-made whiteboards have been created, featuring colored, patterned, and theme-related whiteboards and trimmings. Other types of new whiteboard products include:

•- Free-standing reversible whiteboards

•- Music-lined whiteboards for music composers/teachers

•- Vertical sliding whiteboards

•- Horizontal sliding whiteboards

•- Graph and Grid-lined whiteboards

•- Portable whiteboards

•- Menu marker boards

•- Sidewalk marker boards

•- Wall-mounted or free-standing interactive whiteboards

•- All-glass marker boards

•- Magnetic whiteboards

Whiteboard Accessories

Accessorize your office whiteboard with whiteboard erasers, special whitebosrd cleaners, and of course, whiteboard pens and markers in a wide array of colors.

Refillable Whiteboard Markers

Even with the advent of eco-friendly whiteboards, it is estimated that over 400 million whiteboard markers are discarded annually in the United States alone, increasing environmental waste (an estimated 25,000 tons in landfills) and eating up your hard-earned money. The solution: Refillable marker pens. Sold with an ink refill bottle, just one of these efficient markers replaces over 20 ordinary whiteboard markers.

Xylene-Free Markers

To protect your personal health as well as the environment, invest in ink that is Xylene-free. Xylene is what makes that typical strong, sweet marker smell most people either love or hate. Xylene is found in inks and dyes, in chemical cleansers, paint strippers, glues, and pesticides, and has been deemed harmful by European Union for its ability to cause headaches, lightheadedness, ear/nose/throat irritation, poisoning of the central nervous system, and even loss of consciousness.

So prolong your life and the life of your office supplies with eco-friendly office products and stationary today!