Tips For Choosing An Ergonomic Office Chair

If you suffer from back pain or are worried about back pain issues then you might want consider trading your old desk chair for a newer ergonomic one. After all these chairs have been designed to provide good back and spine support. Proper seating is a major step in the prevention of back pain and other back related health issues ever happening in the first place.

What To Shop For

There are several key features to watch out for when shopping for an ergonomic chair. Make a note of these on your shopping list:

* Adjustable seat
* Adjustable back
* Padded armrests
* Comfortable cushioned seat
* Swivel motion

Each of these features is necessary for your comfort if you intend to or normally do remained seated for long periods of time.

Have you ever started to sit in an office chair, only to find that your feet didn't touch the ground? A chair shouldn't make you feel as though your legs are too short. A simple pneumatically operated handle can make it easy for you to change the height of your chair. Once your feet can touch the ground, your body can align itself properly, which reduces both back and shoulder strain.

While being able to adjust the seat height is important, being able to adjust the back of your chair should be a non-negotiable feature. Since even tall people can have short upper torsos, few people can sit comfortably in a standard chair without adjusting either the back height and depth.

If you like to lean back in your chair when you chat on the phone or hold meetings, consider looking for an ergomomic chair with arm rests. This enables you to take some strain off of your shoulders and upper arms whilst performing such activities.

Of course, no one likes to spend eight hour days in a hard, uncomfortable seat. Look for chairs that are nicely padded. If you office is very cold or hot, you may want to avoid leather seats, as they do not breathe as well as some other materials - both synthetic and natural.

Finally, to avoid having to drag your chair around whenever you need to re-position it, you may want to look for models with a swivel base and casters. This gives you plenty of mobility both while seated and when you need to move your chair around the office or building.