The Art of Feng Shui In Your Home Office

The Chinese culture is rich in philosophical ideas and practices that enhance daily life. One of these arts is Feng Shui which can be incorporated into use for your home office. The principles of Feng Shui focus on the positioning of the business owner to achieve the highest level of success.

Feng Shui Suggestions

Below are some Feng Shui suggestions to maximize productivity levels and bring good fortune while you are operating your home office.

1. You want to maintain a position of authority in your home office. Place yourself to sit at the furthest corner from the entrance to do this.

2. You do not want to make a straight line with your body position and the entrance to your office. This type of line is thought to contain unfavorable energy and is not good for your business.

3. Support comes from all around us. In Feng Shui support can be symbolic by always sitting with your back against a wall or corner. For those that have pillars in the way, use foliates to cover the post.

4. Another symbolic support is having something outside your window such as large building or an old, huge tree. You sit with your back to the window and the item offers a "mountain" of support for your success.

5. Position yourself to face the door to welcome clients and customers.

6. Avoid home office layouts that have you viewing the hallway of your home.

7. Increase your creativity levels by setting the computer in the west or north area of your work area. To increase money levels, set the computer in the southeast section of your office area.

8. Increased business can be enhanced with the use of a tabletop fountain. Another option is to have a metal or glass aquarium with a blue or black fish such as arrowana or guppies. Either of these should be on the Southeast, North or East areas of the desk or table.

9. Financial security and prosperity is very symbolic. A metal office safe should be used in your home business. Set it in the Northwest or West section of the home office.

10. A drab office does not promote creativity or inspire you to work harder. You can create a balance between yin and yang by using contrasting color schemes throughout your office area décor.

Many people believe that the art of Feng Shui will increase prosperity and fortune in your home based business. Follow the above 10 strategies to benefit from this ancient tradition.