Go-Green Office

Green Office Benefits

More and more people are "going green" in order to save the environment, improve their health and the health of their families, and lower energy bills. Home offices are no exception when it comes to being environmentally friendly. In fact, there are increasing numbers of green office products on the market and even entire lines of eco-friendly office supplies designed to reduce wastage and protect precious resources such as water, energy, and trees.

Paperless Office

Did you know that the average American is estimated to use 570 pounds of paper annually? More than 40% of all trees are used to make paper, yet the very act of cutting down trees and forests can destroy wildlife habitats. Hence the goal of achieving a paperless office, which can be partially met by the following these simple steps:

•- Use only recycled paper in your home office

•- Use a computer calendar versus a wall calendar

•- Avoid unnecessary computer printouts

•- Pay bills online

•- Use recycled notepads, folders, and binders

•- Use refillable pencils and ink cartridges

Energy Reducing Office Strategies

There are many ways to use less energy in your office or home office, and to reduce your home energy bill at the same time! Consider the following energy saving tactics:

•- For your office lighting, replace traditional incandescent bulbs with low-voltage halogen bulbs (which last twice as long), fluorescent bulbs (lasting almost 10 times as long), or explore the latest lighting devices which use as few as eight or nine watts of power.

•- Unplug printers and fax machines and turn off computers when not in use

•- Use laptops more often, which use less energy than a desktop computer

•- Instead of discarding your old computer, donate it to a worthy organization

•- Make sure your newly purchases computer bears the Energy Star label

Power Strip

Did you know that plugged-in electronics drain electricity even when they're turned off? You can save power and money investing in the modern energy-saving device known as a "smart power strip" - an invention which detects when your home office devices are off, and automatically shuts off the power to secondary devices. This green gadget is said to save up to 70% of wasted energy.

Green Office Furniture

For your green home office, consider buying second-hand or recycled office furniture (saving resources on new furniture). You can find some high-quality, high-fashion furniture pieces at terrific prices at antique stores, thrift stores, and even garage sales. If you are buying new office furniture such as an office chair, desk, sofa, end table, or bookcase, purchase durable, top-of-the line products which will last you a lifetime (and won't need to be discarded).

Green Laptops and Printers

The new generation of laptop is going green, using 25% less energy than their predecessor models, and featuring low-voltage processors and mercury-free displays.

The "All-in-One" printer is a Go-Green initiative that not is not only energy efficient, but is convenient and economical. For your home office, enjoy the hallmarks of this device, which scans, copies, and faxes at high resolution, features automatic two-sided printing (reducing paper waste) and boasts automatic power on/off buttons, sleep mode, and quick start.

The grass really is greener on the other side - the side of G-Green home office décor!