Home Office Calendars

To help you stay organized, remember important dates, add decorative wall art to your home office, and liven up and personalize your desktop, nothing beats home office calendars. Indeed, calendars are a must-have office supply!

With the multitude of available office calendars, you need an organizer just to keep track of them all! To help you stay up to date on the latest and greatest home office calendars, here is an up-to-the-minute breakdown of the world of office calendars, organizers, and planners.

Wall Calendars

Monthly Wall Calendars: Standard monthly wall calendars feature one month per page, with an image or picture above the calendar. Wall calendars are perfect for long-term planning, and seeing the big picture of all your monthly activities in one view. Select from themed wall calendars, scenic wall calendars, quotation wall calendars, and many more.

Erasable Wall Calendars: These laminated calendars and their write-on/wipe-off markers are a must for home office execs whose schedules are flexible, constantly changing, or who have to coordinate or plan team schedules. Erasable wall calendars come in monthly or yearly formats, and in either vertical or horizontal layouts. And mixing function with fashion, you can now purchase "themed" erasable wall calendars, decorated with scenic landscapes and other designs to brighten up your home office.

Decorative Wall Calendar

Instead of the traditional scenic wall calendars, why not combine add some style to your schedule with a modern art calendar, or show off your personal style with a favorite actor, band, animal, artist, or sports calendar? Better yet, you can custom order a photo wall calendar featuring monthly pictures of you, your family and friends, or your most memorable moments...

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars (or desk pads) are multipurpose calendars which not only keep your monthly schedule up front and center, but protect your desk surface at the same time. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, many desk calendars have space for you to jot down notes or reminders. Some modern desk pads are see-through, while others are housed in attractive vinyl holders and may include a letter tray, pen cup, and paperclip holder.

Modern desk calendars allow you to display photos or logos, and to add icons and text to highlight important dates or remind you of special occasions. And with innovative magnet calendars, you can stay on track and attract attention too!


Also called appointment books, planners are all the rage amongst office workers! For the busiest of the bunch, portable daily planners feature one page per calendar day, providing maximum space for recording detailed (hourly or even 15-minute increment) appointments and activities.

Online Calendar Tools

The most popular business-planning tools today are online diaries, date pads, task list managers, and calendars, which allow for appointment scheduling, tracking, inbuilt reminders, hierarchical to-do lists with icons, print and export features, year-long planning, expense tracking, telephone/address books, and much more.

There are also Internet calendars, which allow calendar information to be exchanged by email. Each recipient can view the others' schedule (side by side or as an overlay), so as to coordinate free time and avoid scheduling conflicts.