Home Office Fridge

If you're hard at work and don't want to make that trek to the kitchen, or if you work better on a full stomach, or if you simply like the convenience of reaching for a cold soda or for your favorite snack whenever you'd like, then you should invest in a home office mini-fridge!

What are Mini-Fridges?

There are many great reasons for investing in mini-fridges - also known as compact fridges, small refrigerators, portable fridges, coolers, keg coolers, bar refrigerators, and more - and nowadays the world of small refrigerators is getting larger and larger!

Ideal for small spaces such as offices, home offices, small apartments, studios, hotel rooms, dorm rooms, game rooms, trailers, and mobile homes, compact fridges represent the latest in modern space-saving solutions that are both practical and savvy! Conveniently designed to maximize your comfort while you work, these office accessories are revolutionizing the concept of 'food at your fingertips.'


While mini-fridge designs are becoming more and more versatile, featuring combo microwave refrigerators (so that you can heat up and cool your favorite foods in a single unit!), refrigerator ice makers, and mini-fridge accessories, many models now offer a small freezer area as well. Also known as chest freezers and portable freezers, these cool appliances are perfect for keeping ice cubes on hand or for storing your favorite frozen snacks/dinners!

Super Space Savers

When space is at a premium, compact refrigerators and freezers make a lot of sense! Economical and discreet, these super space savers are available as free-standing units or as built-ins. Their compact size makes free-standing units easy to move, and built-in refrigerators easily fit under a desk, in a corner, in a closet, or under any counter. An excellent use of cabinet areas that are not being used, small office fridges offer extra storage without taking up extra space.

Types of Office Mini-Fridges and Small Freezers

Here is a run-down of some the hottest mini-cooling units available on the market today:

•- Cube Refrigerators: Refrigerators that come with a bonus built-in ice maker

•- Refrigerator Ice Makers: Automatically make and store ice, saving you the hassle of additional ice trays

•- 12-Volt Refrigerators: Available as cheap thermoelectric 12V coolers, or as highly efficient compressor 12V fridges.

•- Mini Freezers: Come in chest or upright form, and are 12V, 24V or 110V powered. Great for storing both food and medical supplies!

•- Portable Ice Maker: Makes a try of ice in as little as15 minutes!

•- Energy Star-Rated Refrigerators: These efficient units use less energy, helping you conserve energy and save money!

•- Microwave/Refrigerator Combo: An all-in-one appliance offering a refrigerator, freezer and microwave combined into one compact, energy-efficient unit.

Ultra-Compact USB Fridge

This modern wonder is truly in keeping with the times! More of a gadget than a fridge, this USB-powered, one-beverage, ultra-compact can cooler can sit on the corner of your desk! Simply plug it into a spare USB port on your computer or to any other 5V or 12V power source.