Invoicing Software Options

Diligent, accurate and organized accounting is essential to good money management whether you're running a business from your home or want to keep track of your own personal finances. There are a few types of financial management software available for those who wish to use them to manage personal finances, but there are many more options available for those who run a home-based business and need to keep track of income and expenses.

Here's a look at some of the more common invoice software options available.


This is the program most people tend to be familiar with and is installed directly on your computer. Some argue it's the most popular possibly due to its ease of use. There are different versions available to accommodate the sole proprietor who deals in one currency and has minimal records to keep to a version that'll complete advanced bookkeeping including payrolls. QuickBooks eliminates the need for manual inventory. Back-ups are recommended and financial information can be transferred to each updated version purchased.

Invoice Place

Invoice Place may be an accounting software option to consider if you're just starting a home-based business and have minimal money available for start-up costs. This accounting option offers free and paid accounts that allow you to create taxable and non-taxable prices, deal in different currencies and accommodate discounts. The free account allows you to create accounts for three customers while the paid account allows you to accommodate up to 500.


This financial tracking software is entirely online with no software to install. It allows you to track expenses, monitor billable and non-billable hours for yourself, any employees you may have and independent contractors you may work with. The software allows you to customize the appearance to meet your personal needs. Free accounts are available but are limited to two active projects. Paid accounts can cost up to $90.

Simplify This

This is another web-based application designed to allow you to track daily expenses, create and send invoices and accept online payments. The free account lets you send three invoices a month with the paid application allowing you to send up to 3,000 invoice monthly. Paid packages have a 30-day free trial.


Freshbooks promotes itself as the leader in online invoicing. It allows you to create financial reports, manage and send invoices online, track billable and non-billable hours and invoice clients in any currency. It also allows your clients online access to their invoices and account history. Free accounts allow you to manage three clients. Any more than that and you'll need to choose one of the paying options.

Less Accounting

Promoted as the application for the business owner who hates accounting, Less Accounting allows you to record expenses and categorize them, manage and send invoices and see who owes you money at a glance. With this online accounting application you'll be able to send invoices online, import data, and create custom reports and filter them by date, client or project. The application allows you to track business vehicle mileage as well. Free accounts are available with limited uses and number of clients. A monthly fee allows unlimited use of all the options.