Motivational Posters In Your Office

The concept of putting motivational posters around your home office might seems a little cheesy. Worse again it might even remind you of those awful days when you were surrounded by those awful, cheesy company slogans, mission statements and their own versions of motivational posters. All these things were meant to make you more and more productive each day, to develop "loyalty" to the company and to increase staff morale. What effect did they really have? Yup - they drove you a little more mad each day, made you resent who you worked for and made you ask the question "Does human resources or management have any idea what it's like to work here?" Sound familiar? I've been in that hell too believe me.

I understand why you might never, ever want to see a motivational poster again as long as you may live. There's a difference though. This time around YOU get to pick the poster. You can choose a poster that means something to YOU. Not some pointless, heartless, soulless company slogan that makes you want to stick a spoon in your eye and stir it around inside your head until the pain stops. Nope. This time the poster choice is up to you. You can pick a poster that truly speaks to you and has a real meaning. This is the essence of any motivational poster - it has to actually mean something to you or otherwise it's just a waste of time.

Heck it doesn't even need to be a "motivational" type poster. It could be a poster of a favourite movie that reminds you of something you want to achieve in life - financially or otherwise. Things in your home office don't need to be as black and white as they were in the corporate world.

What motivates you at home is going to be totally different to what motivated (if that's the word we can use?) in work. At work you are most frequently motivated by fear - fear of layoffs, fear of not getting the promotion, fear of some petty office politics affecting your career. Too much fear!

Your home office can and should be devoid of this fear. Your personal motivation at home could be self-fulfillment, a better living or more money for your entire family. These are all positive and are all driven by your desire to succeed. Any poster you decide to put up in your office can and should reflect this. For example my kid brother is a big fan of the movie "Fast And The Furious". He REALLY wanted a Nissan Skyline so he surrounded himself in daily reminders of the car (posters, magazines etc) until after a few short months he had his Skyline imported directly from Japan. He picked his goal, found his motivator and worked to achieve it. Simple eh?

If posters don't suit you then how about a motivational startup page for your web browser or desktop? These are a great way to constantly remind yourself of goals that you've set for yourself and really help to keep you motivated. I use one of these myself and find it's a nice daily reminder of why I decided to work for myself in the first place :-)