Multi-function Printers

The One-Stop Business Device!

Popularly known as all-in-one printers, multi-function printers (MFPs) have been coined the 'one-stop business device'! These handy machines not only print, but MFPs also copy, fax, and scan. In today's virtual world of rapid communication, in business and in all areas of life, the ability to multi-task is imperative. And all-in-one printers save you more than just time: they are great desktop space savers, and are significantly cheaper than buying four separate machines.

Today's Super Machines

Today's MFPs go well beyond the capabilities of a typical print/fax/scan combination. Contemporary all-in-one devices allow for easy printing of photos, have rapid print speeds, include memory slot cards, and increasingly come with built-in wireless capabilities, enabling a network of computers to share a single printer. Despite their super powers, these modern business wonders are connected to your computer with only one cable and require a single power outlet.

Printer Features

Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers: MFPs utilize either traditional inkjet technology or laser printing technology. While inkjet printers are less expensive, laser printers produce more professional-looking images and text, and their prices have come down significantly in recent years.

Print Speed: Measured in pages per minute (ppm), high-end printers boast rapid print speeds, however color documents still take longer to print than black and white.

Resolution: Measured in dots per inch (DPI), you want to shop for maximum resolution, since higher resolutions produce better-looking documents and photos.

RAM: The RAM or buffer memory holds graphic information selected for printing. The larger the buffer memory, the faster complex graphics will be printed.

Fax Features

Fax Speed: Measured in bits per second, this refers to the amount of time it takes to send or receive a fax; however, the actual time may differ since it depends on the fax machine at the other end.

Speed dial: Allows you to program into memory frequently dialed numbers.

Fax Page Memory: Holds recently received faxes in memory if a fax machine runs out of paper, and automatically prints them once paper is refilled.

Fax Forwarding: Allows you to forward faxes received to another programmed number.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): Particularly convenient for long documents since you don't have to hand-feed each page.

Broadcast Number Locations: A bonus feature that enables you to send the same fax to multiple phone numbers at the same time, saving you both time and money!

Scanner Features

What is a scanner? Scanners make a digital copy of a text or image, and then output that copy into a file that can be viewed on a computer and sent to others.

Copy Speed: Measured in pages per minute, the copy speed for the first page generally takes longer than the rest of the pages.

Resolution: The higher the scanner DPI resolution, the sharper the text or image will be.

Innovations in All-in-One Printer Technology

Keep your eye out for the newest features in MFPs, including:

•- double-sided printing

•- quick-access control panel buttons

•- wireless connectivity

•- separate photo trays

•- media card readers

Tip of the Day:

Be sure to check if your all-in-one machine is compatible with your personal computer, especially if you own a Mac! Also check that your system has sufficient hard-disk space and RAM for your multifunction printer.