Office Gifts For Men

Whether you are looking for an office gift for your husband, brother, father, friend, boss, client, or co-worker, there are myriads of traditional, classic, contemporary, new-age and futuristic office gift ideas to choose from, in an equally wide range of prices. You can find executive office gifts, home office gifts, wall décor gifts, desktop gifts, office accessories and accents for men, engraved office gifts, and many more.

Traditional Office Gifts for Men

Here are some timeless gift selections for office men of all professions:

Pens and Pen Sets

•- Gravity pens that defy gravity by staying suspended even when not in use

•- Engraved pen sets with LED display clocks

•- Pen-set stands that include a clock, alarm, and timer, and which tell you the date and temperature

•- Double pen stands

•- Personalized pen stands with an engraving plate (for a name, date, or special motto/message)

•- Collectible Fountain Pens

•- Convertible pens with roller, ballpoint, fountain pen and pencil functions

•- Sterling Silver Fountain Pens

•- Sleek and modern "Laser Pointer" pens, which will send Power Point presentations into the future and over the top with their ability to alternate between five different laser beam shapes, a stylus and black ink

Office and Desk Clocks: Choose from gift "book clocks," brass clocks, glass clocks, silver coin clocks, personalized clocks, mahogany wood clocks, mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, world time desk clocks, whimsical wall clocks, and more

Office Supply Caddy: This timeless office accessory holds office supplies such as a ruler, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, stapler/staple remover, ballpoint pen, scotch tape, notepad and memo pads, scissors, paper clips, thumbtacks, push pins, letter opener, and more.

Monthly Day Planners

Executive Desk Nameplates

Office Mugs


Shot Glasses, Wine Decanters, Wine Tasting Gift Sets, Wine Tumblers

Cigar gift sets

Leather Briefcase

Business Card Holder/Case

Contemporary Office Gifts for Men

Check out the latest office gift innovations:

Magnetic Desk Organizers: Featuring ultra-strong magnetic desk "dots" that hold mail, business cards, photos, and memos, and that can be used as magnets on filing cabinets and all metal surfaces. When not busy helping you stay organized, these modern-day magnets are a great toy which can keep you entertained for hours...

Brain-Busters: Myriads of games, gadgets, and puzzlers to keep even the brightest of brains busy. Whether you're a wizard or just enjoy a challenge, there are hundreds of products to choose from, including puzzles, 3-D puzzles, Rubik's Cubes, magnets, Erector Sets, sculpture sets, building sets, brain teasers, and more to keep office executives awake before, during, and after business hours

Motorized Tie Rack

Traveling gizmos and gadgets

Apple iPod

Personalized Passport Holder

New-Generation Wireless Reading Device

Noise-reducing Headphones

Personalized Luggage Labels

Laptop Cases

Innovative Office Gifts for Men

Here are some creative gift ideas for your favorite office male:

Necktie travel case, money clip, cuff link set, travel alarm clock, health and lifestyle/ sports/wine/car magazine subscriptions, shoe polishing kit, tie clip, designer silk ties, tie travel case, single coffee cup brewer, espresso machine, putt returner, educational games, ashtray, classic and designer dress shirts, travel pillow, coffee cup for the road, coffee-table sports books and travel books, reading lights, male grooming products, travel shaving set, high quality computer speakers, shot glass tic-tac-toe, sports logos.