Office Gifts for Women

Say it All with Office Gifts

Whether it's for a home office, kitchen office, garage office, or the office downtown, office gifts and accessories that reflect women's preferences, personal interests, hobbies, and professions are a terrific way to spruce up the décor of any office space, or to say "thank you," and "you are appreciated" to your boss, office co-worker, or employee. Here are some great office gift ideas for working women.

Female Office Gifts

For office gifts particularly geared toward women in the workplace, here are a few ideas:

•- Paperweights in the shape of a heart, star, or butterfly

•- Decorative flower vase or set of matching vases

•- Office Plants/Silk Flowers

•- Photo Desk Calendars

•- Coffee/Tea Set for One

•- Personalized Business Card Case

•- Decorative Writing Journal

•- Desk Drawer Organizers

•- Gift Baskets (i.e. fruit baskets, cracker and cheese platters, chocolate baskets, assorted coffee and tea flavor baskets, and more)

Gift Cards

Gift cards and gift certificates are the perfect gifts for any businesswomen or office employee. Select from a book gift certificate, an Office Depot gift certificate, a Starbucks gift card for coffee before, at, or on the way home from the office, an iTunes gift card (shipped within 24 hours and available in a wide range of denominations), or a charity gift card, allowing the recipient to donate her gift to over 100 recognized national charities.

Desktop Favorite: Beverage Warmer

One of the most popular office gift ideas for women is the "coffee cup warmer," which is designed to keep your favorite beverage - coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cappuccino - hot while you multi-task, answer the office phone, conduct a conference call, or simply lose yourself in computer or paperwork. Acting as a heated coaster, working women can now enjoy their hot drinks at leisure.

Office Gift Innovations

If you're looking for a yuppie-ish, feel-good, new-age type of present, consider the gift of a "Zen Garden." Using the ancient art of Zen gardening, office workers create tranquil and peaceful patterns out of rocks and sand in a 9x9x2-inch garden area. Intended to reduce stress and create harmony and balance, this trendy office gift comes with a Book of Meditations... Perfect for any hard-working, achieving businesswoman or female entrepreneur!

Trendy Office Toys

Today's growing selection of office "toys" are both decorative and dashing, entertaining as well as elegant.

Your home office can go from chic to slick with captivating modern "magnet dots," which can be used creatively as desktop organizers, business card and memo holders, a new-age sculpture, or simply as stress relievers!

Puzzle magnets are all the rage amongst innovative office games and feature six pieces which can be combined to form myriads of imaginative and real-life designs.

Finally, for a practical yet pleasurable office gift idea, consider the one-of-a-kind, do-it-yourself "puzzle calendar." With this clever invention, you create your own personalized desktop calendar using Lego-type building blocks. With the opportunity to re-arrange the puzzle as often as you like and to mark important dates with special puzzle pieces, you can be busy and have a blast at the office at the same time.