Decorating Your Work Space To Suit Your Work Style

There are three critical aspects to consider when decorating your home office space. They are the right light, the right furniture and the right decor. We will cover each aspect in a moment but firstly have you ever sat behind a desk and found yourself nodding off? Most people would assume this is because your chair is uncomfortable. Not so - it's because your surroundings are dull and uninspiring. Bright colors won't necessarily cure this either. You need your working space to stimulate your brain. This is especially true of your home office.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the key aspects of decorating any room. Setting up a home office that has dim and subdued lights is not a great idea. Why? When light levels dip our minds drift and we think of other things. Sleep being a primary example.

How do you get around this problem? Bright and effective lamps in your home office. Now you don't need blinding halogen lamps but something like a three head floor lamp used in conjunction with good ceiling lighting. Most rooms have four corners for example and placing a floor lamp in each of these corners is ideal. A small desk lamp will also give you that extra lighting you need to read documents or files late in the evening or at night for example.

The Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is important for your personal well-being but also to compliment your home office styling. It's essential that you strike the balance between comfort and style. The majority of office furniture manufacturers simplify this process by producing furniture that is both stylish and economic. Years ago you may have had to choose between comfort or style. Not so anymore.

Essential items are obviously the desk and chair. Filing cabinets and bookcases also play an important role in any home office. One tip though: avoid going with a black look. Being surrounded can look very stylish but be totally depressing. Maple, pine and oak are far more stimulating. White is also another color scheme you should consider in your furniture. Just avoid using all black furniture as much as you can.

The Right Decor

Now for the fun part - what to hang around your office. This is where you can take your imagination off its leash and let it in run wild in the fields of home office decorating. You're only limited by your imagination.

Think about using plants. Live are preferable but even plastic will give you that organic feel that can help you be more productive.

Did you know that caring for live plants has been shown to reduce stress in the workplace?

How about a fish tank in the office? Or a spider tank? Or a tank full of small lizards? Fish have been shown to be therapeutic for people working in office anywhere.

Having some framed pictures in your home office is also a great idea. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can mix and match these to your taste.

Your office should make YOU happy. You spent long enough working in offices that you hated. Make sure that you create a home office that you love being in and find constantly stimulating and just plain old fun to be in too!