Protecting Yourself from Harmful Computer Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields are present all around us, from the power lines outside our homes, our home wiring, transformers, cell phones and computers and other appliances. Studies have linked these EMFs to everything from brain tumors, to forgetfulness, cancer, and whole host of other health problems.

While there are contradictory results, many experts are convinced there is a real threat to our human bodies from the sheer amount of EMFs which surround us. Concern over electromagnetic fields began in 1989 after Paul Brodeur wrote a series of articles in the New Yorker magazine which detailed the harmful effects. Soon after the articles were published, the Department of Energy agreed that there were certainly biological effects due to EMF exposure.

By 1990, nearly a hundred studies had been conducted across the world, and at least a quarter of these strongly linked EMFs to serious health problems, causing the EPA to recommend that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen-in the same category as dioxins and PCBs. Many people will remember the cell phone scare a few years ago in which studies were released which showed a positive correlation between constant cell phone use and brain tumors. The harmful ingredient in cell phones is the same as the one your television and computer emit on a daily basis, however a cell phone generally has closer contact with your body.

Checking Your Exposure

The problem is, that with many of us using laptops, for hours on end each day, our exposure to EMFs is growing by leaps and bounds. If you are wondering how you measure EMFs, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive gadget known as a Gauss meter online, for anywhere from $25 to $125. This device measures the strength of magnetic fields through the use of a coil of thin wire inside the Gauss meter with hundreds of turns. As magnetic fields radiate through the coil, it induces a current, which is amplified by the Gauss circuitry. I purchased one of the $35 Gauss meters from Amazon, and wandered around my home testing electrical sockets, television sets, computers, monitors, printers and any other appliance which got in my way.

The Results?

What I found is that the televisions only emit harmful EMFs to about three feet out, and most of us don't sit this close, so they are relatively safe. The microwave started beeping around two feet out, so step back when you microwave. The main concern for me-someone who makes their living writing-is my laptop reading. The bottom right-hand side goes makes the meter go crazy-of course, this is where my right hand rests for hours upon hours of each day. Laptops and desktop computers with LCD screens are safer than CRT screens, but nevertheless emit constant, low levels of radiation.

Signs of EMF Exposure

As many of us continue to spend more and more time in front of a computer screen, be aware that early signs of exposure to EMFs include muscle aches, insomnia, stress and fatigue, while long-term exposure can have more serious health effects. Some even believe that computers and cell phones may turn out to be the primary culprit of many of our modern-day afflictions and if this turns out to be true, then we should all begin taking steps to protect ourselves from computer EMFs.

An EMF Bioshield is perhaps the best way to protect yourself from EMFs emitting from your computer. The Bioshield consists of two mini-spheres which are attached to your computer screen and oppose the harmful screen frequencies which are emitted. Many people who have tried the EMF Bioshield system believe they can feel the effects immediately, while others state it takes several months to see an improvement in such symptoms as tiredness, migraines, restlessness and skin reactions.

If you are a constant computer user, it could certainly be worthwhile to check into shielding your body from harmful electromagnetic fields to the extent possible.