Rent Home Office Furniture

Sometimes the money simply isn't there to get all the equipment you need for a home office at one time. You can save money by temporarily renting office furniture while you save enough money to get your own. Keep in mind that to be cost-effective, renting furniture should only be done short-term. Renting home office furniture is also a good option if you'll only be living in a location for a few months, need a place to work from home and don't wish to buy furniture.

Find a Supplier

There are companies that specialize in renting furniture, especially office furniture, and you can find them online or in your local phone book. Don't overlook staging companies since they often have a selection of attractive furniture available for short-term and for a reasonable cost. Some suppliers that also rent home furniture, appliances and electronics insist on contracts of a certain period of time. Sometimes the contract can be as long as three years, so be sure to read the fine print.

Decide Your Style

You're likely renting home office furniture because you want something of good quality right away until you can save enough to purchase it yourself. This will be especially important if you have clients who will be visiting your home office. If you're simply looking for a desk, chair and storage for your own personal use, it'll be more cost effective for you to buy inexpensive ones at your local big box store.

If you wish to work with clients in your home office, decide what type of first impression you would like to make. Traditional clients may feel more comfortable with the executive look with solid desks made out of heavy, quality wood, chairs with leather and polished wood storage options. If you or your clients prefer a more modern look, you can rent quality chrome and designer tempered glass office furniture.

The Rental Process

Make a list of everything you would like or need. Decide what size furniture you're office will be able to accommodate. Take the measurements of the room and bring it to your supplier. Staff will often be able to help you find what you require based on your supply list, your style and the size of the room.

Request a quote and don't be afraid to visit more than one supplier to get the best price. You can negotiate the parts of the quote including the rental period, who covers delivery costs, specifics of what is including in the delivery (installation and set-up, upstairs or downstairs delivery), and pick-up costs and arrangements. Keep in mind; the more you rent the more negotiating power you'll have.

Negotiate the delivery date with penalties to the supplier for late delivery, especially if you need the furniture right away. Make sure there's a clause in there that allows you to instantly cancel the contract with no penalties if the supplier doesn't meet the delivery date or provide you with all the furniture you need.

Be there when the furniture is delivered to inspect it while the delivery staff is still there. You don't want to be responsible for any damages you didn't cause. Take your time and don't let the delivery staff rush you.