Sell Your Business with Your Business Card

Your business card is your first chance to get your name out into the public, and since distributing business cards is a time-honored way to network with potential clients, it is doubly important to create a business card that stands out from all the others and sells your business. When you are looking at a layout style for your business card, choose one that makes the card stand out, without being downright abrasive.

Consider choosing a vertical card, a card with a black background and white writing or a card with a red design, all of which are extremely eye-catching. Adding specific images or a photo of yourself can also be a way to make your card stand out. If you truly want to make a standout impression, splurge on a card that is a bit more expensive, perhaps with stronger card stock, glossy finishes or double-sided printing. While your potential clients may not be able to exactly put their finger on why, the extra details will impress them.

Create innovative design details; consider a different shape such as an oval or square shape which will stick out in people's wallets and handbags. Some companies even offer unique shapes such as animals, or can be printed in a pop-up style. Make sure your name, title, and contact information are displayed prominently on the face of the card-remember, that if people cannot remember what you do, then a creative business card is useless. Your business card carries the product to the recipient, and, hopefully, gets the recipient to do something.

When you hand out a business card, the recipient feels it as well as sees it; give them something nice to feel and they may decide to keep the card rather than tossing it. Don't waste valuable white space on the back of your card. Copywriters will tell you that the more you tell, the more you sell, so tell as much as you possibly can in the relatively small space available to you.

How to Network With Your Business Card

Although some people believe that you should hand a business card out to anybody and everybody, others in the marketing business will tell you to hand them out only to those who ask you for one-and the way you get someone to ask for your card is to ask for theirs first!

When you meet someone at a business meeting, social gathering or on the street, after you have engaged in social pleasantries, ask for a business card. They will be happy you asked, and it will be natural that they will ask for yours in return. Once you receive the other person's card, thank them, then make a point of reading it, front and back, asking any questions you have regarding their business. Once they have asked for your card, hand it over and be ready to respond to any potential questions.

Now, here's the kicker-within 24-48 hours of this encounter, get some nice blank note cards, put another of your business cards inside, and write a short handwritten note stating how much you appreciated making their acquaintance. It is highly likely that in this day of e-mails and texts, the recipient will be delighted that you took the time to send them a handwritten card. Keep business cards from others organized in a file for future references.

Your business card is often the first impression that others have of your business, so make sure your impression is both a positive one as well as a lasting one.