So you've got your home office set up, and you're ready to begin your new career as a successful business owner. However remember that you will need a good shelving system to help your business stay well organized, so why not check out what they have at Home Depot.

But Everything Is On The Computer!

Given how many files and folders you can keep electronically, you may wonder why you need proper shelving at all. However there are many other things you need to keep in an office, and space is required to store all of it. Make sure you have pens, pencils and erasers at hand, and as long as you don't have a vast quantity, office stationary can be stored in a desk drawer. Hard copies of important documents can be filed in your file cabinet or you can put them in a folder or file box on a shelf out of the way.

Depending on your field, you may need reference books, which could end up taking more than one shelf. You also need somewhere to put those supplies of printer ink, toner, computer discs and software, spare light-bulbs and so on.

Personal Shelf

A good idea is to set up one shelf for personal, non-work related items like some pictures of the family, a plant or a vase of flowers. If your office is not near the kitchen you might want to keep a kettle or a coffee maker handy on its own shelf, with enough supplies to keep you going through the day. This will help you keep everything organized and avoiding your office looking cluttered which can easily happen when the office is a part of your house. By having a dedicated place to put these things, you won't end up finding a packet of cookies in the printer ink drawer!

Types Of Shelving

Most furniture stores have sections devoted to office equipment, so pop in and decide what bests suits your needs. A simple 5 shelf high plastic click together type unit can cost as little as $40, where as a similar heavy duty steel one is about double. They may be practical, but they are not very attractive. If you want something more aesthetic you are looking at around $200 or more. If you have a smaller office, or don't need so much space, it may be better to get DIY shelves and put up as you need them. Cabinets and boxes are also useful for larger items.

A cheaper option if you don't want to buy cabinets is to buy stackable plastic boxes that you can get for about $5 each, or sometimes even less! Clearly labeled, they make a great organizing system for most of those important things that don't need to be kept within immediate grasp.

Remember that the cost of shelving is a business expense which you need to put into your accounts.

Don't forget to keep the receipts for your accountant to put on your tax return.