The Best New Desktop Publishing Software

When choosing desktop publishing software, there are a myriad of opportunities out there which allow you to nearly turn your home office into your personal version of the local printing shop. With the choice of a good publishing software package and a printer, you are well on your way to no longer having to pay ridiculous prices to superb printed creations. It's important that you choose desktop publishing software which will allow you to create a variety of different projects, and one which comes with several photo, graphic and text tools.

It's equally important to choose a program which is easy to use and gives you lots of choices when it comes to printing and sharing. Support features are crucial-when you are tearing your hair out and are contemplating throwing your computer out the window, it's good to have a good support network that can talk you through your problem. Desktop publishing programs have many variations, and you want to make sure you choose the perfect program for your particular applications.

Types Of Programs

Adobe InDesign gets better with every new release for both Mac and Windows users, and many who are in the business feel that InDesign is truly the leader of the pack when discussing desktop publishing programs. InDesign is PageMaker's successor, which was one of the original desktop publishing software programs, and is available either as a standalone or in Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe InDesign software provides precise control over typography as well as built-in creative tools for designing and publishing documents, wither print or online.

Quark Xpress 8 is next in line-after all, in the late 80's and 90's Quark shoved aside PageMaker with QuarkXpress. Quark is still a powerhouse publishing platform, and is available for both Mac and Windows users alike.

Serif Page Plus is a good choice for both novice and professional users as it has a good combination of ease of use and professional output options (including PDF), with word processing, drawing and advanced layout and typesetting options. For windows users who want to get away from Microsoft Publisher, Serif Page Plus is a good choice. More users choose Serif Page Plus as the best for graphic design, business use and personal projects; there's a free edition available for download to see how you like it or buy Version 9 at a substantially reduced price.

Adobe FrameMaker is a good desktop publishing software choice for corporations or others who produce technical writing or other complex documents for Web, print and other distribution methods. It could be way too much program for individuals or small businesses, but for in-house big businesses, Adobe FrameMaker is a keeper. FrameMaker is available for either Windows or Mac, as Framemaker 9 for Windows became available in 2010.

Microsoft Publisher is the primary desktop publishing application in Microsoft's Office suite, and is highly popular with individuals, small businesses and schools. Microsoft Publisher is available in Professional Plus, Professional or Standard editions of Office 2010 or as a standalone. Microsoft Publisher has a library of pre-designed, customizable templates for brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, postcards and newsletters, and brings you superb photo-editing tools which allow you to get the exact results you want.

To bring your office up to speed, purchase one of the best new desktop publishing suites which can enable to give your business an entirely new and professional image.