Types of Home Offices

Home Office Trends on the Rise

More men and women are working from their home offices than ever before. To meet the growing demands of independent businesspeople, the home office industry has created special lines of home office products, electronics, and accessories for home offices located in any room of the house - i.e. garage home offices, basement home offices, kitchen home offices, outdoor home offices, attic home offices, and more. Home office suppliers are providing a wide range of furnishings and decorations in the gamut of décor styles to meet every taste and match every budget.

Incorporating a Home Office into Your Existing Design

Not all entrepreneurs have the luxury of building a home office from scratch. Rather, they are tasked with the challenge of incorporating a home office inside their existing living space.

Here are some key considerations for choosing the location of your home office:

•- Room lighting (natural and electric)

•- Room ventilation

•- Noise level

•- Vicinity to children (i.e., desired or not desired)

•- Electrical outlets

•- Convenience

•- Heating/Cooling systems

•- Room size/Furniture requirements

Where to Build Your Dream Home Office

Whether you are starting from scratch or renovating an existing home office, here are some locations to consider as you design the home office of your dreams.

Kitchen Home Office

If you have small children that need to be supervised while you multi-task, conference call, check your email, plan your schedule, or pay your bills, the central family kitchen may be the perfect spot for your home office. Allowing you to work while you cook or help the kids with their homework, scores of homemakers are cordoning off a part of their kitchen to create a hub for a laptop/computer, file cabinet, and computer desk and chair.

Off-the-Bedroom Home Office

Another popular space for a home office is just off the master bedroom or in a corner of the bedroom itself. Away from the noise and commotion of the rest of the house, you can work early in the morning or late into the night in your private space. Be sure to invest in proper lighting, a comfortable office chair and desk, and that you have all the outlets you need for your home office appliances (i.e. printer, fax, scanner, speakers). If you share the bedroom with a partner, a set of high-quality headphones is a wise investment.

Porch Home Office

Many individuals are converting their patios or porches into a home office. You might have to pay for some renovations and supplement heating, but the convenience of a secluded yet attached work area is a recipe for home office success. Incorporate an office window or enclose your home office in glass to create "a room with a view," a feeling of spaciousness, and built-in natural lighting...

Guest Room/Extra Room Home Office

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare guest room or if your kids have moved out or can share a room, using this space for a home office eliminates the need for extensive building and costs. You can transform any room into your private business area by adding a desk and chair and required hardware/appliances, and by decorating with accessories such as office blinds and rugs. If you leave a sofa bed in the room, you can still use the room for overnight guests when needed.