Why Choose a Kodak Printer?

Although there is a near-endless array of printers for the home office out there, there are some very good reasons to choose one of the new, updated Kodak models. In order to find the best printer for your individual needs, you need to first mentally detail your priorities in a home office printer. Most average home users can't afford to spend thousands on a good quality printer, and now there is absolutely no reason to do so.

Kodak offers a large line of printers in very reasonable price ranges, and even better is the fact that a Kodak ink cartridge runs about $10 for a black, and $15 for a color-nearly ten dollars cheaper than their competitors such as Lexmark and HP. If you use your inkjet printer as a copier, fax machine and scanners as well as printer, you will want to look at the Kodak all-in-one printers. An all-in-one office printer offers you a compact size with great results, including remarkable photo quality. Add to this that Kodak is one of the world's most trusted brands, and the Kodak printer looks even more appealing.

Type of Printer To Buy

If your applications are simply printing photographs, then you can probably skip the all-in-one and go with a Kodak printer which is specifically designed to print superior quality photographs. Most of these printers can print a 4" x 6" standard print with great detail, and can usually easily handle the larger sizes as well. If you want to skip the computer completely, you can get a Kodak Printer Dock printer for under $100 which connects directly to your camera, and is portable enough to go anywhere. Kodak's line of Easy Share all-in-one printers can not only give you stunning photos, but allow you the versatility to scan directly to your computer, copy or fax, and print in black and white only or color.

The replacement ink for their entire line of inkjet printers has enabled users to slash the costs of ink by nearly fifty percent while retaining the quality and speed they desire. How were they able to do this? Most printer cartridges have the print head built directly into the cartridge, making it an expensive holder of ink.

Kodak's new line simply offers ink in the ink cartridge-it is a container, and nothing more. As if this weren't enough reason to convince you to purchase a Kodak inkjet printer, consider that even Kodak's cheapest printer model is compatible with Blue Tooth, and support all PTP/IP connections. This means you could print pictures directly from your PTP/IP-enabled camera from a distance up to 100 yards.

The 5300 Kodak model gives you the option to print direction from your camera's memory card, with a little 3-inch window for previewing and cropping. I personally own two Kodak printers after years and years of using HP and Lexmark. Both of them are wireless models, and were incredibly easy to set up and use. Now any of the family laptops, as well as the desktop can print from one of the printers with ease.

I also liked the fact that both printers came with a real live full-size printer manual instead of having to go online. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like to have my printer's manuals in a file, easy to access should the need arise. The manuals contained very clear instructions for setup, and the printer came with two ink cartridges and samples of photo paper.