Alienware - The Ultimate Laptop?

In the world of portable computing there are your standard business persons laptop, the hobbyists laptop and the mobile professionals laptops. These all provide aqeduate power and performance for the normal person. Then there are Alienware laptops and the moment you see one of these your perception of laptop computers will change forever.

Alienware was established in 1996 in Miami, Florida with a single mission - "Build a brand, Shape The Future, Be Great". Simply put these guys set out to make the fastest and most stylish computers the world had ever seen. Up to this point laptops were seen as work tools - really nothing more than fancy word-processors. If you were really lucky you could play some current games on your laptop.

Alienware changed all that - they took the power of a desktop computer and made it small enough (and sexy enough) to bring anywhere.

These laptops are all about quality, performance and backup. When you go with Alienware you're getting incredible power, combined with excellent build quality and finally that's backed up by world class customer service. All Alienware laptops go through a 200 point quality control process called AlienInspection. It may have a kinda silly name, but this rigorous inspection process checks the operating system, hardware, software, and every other possible aspect of your new laptop before it leaves the facility and gets shipped out to you.

Cheap Alienware Laptops

You want a cheap Alienware laptop? That all depends on how you define cheap. These guys provide a wide variety of laptops with models to suit just about every budget. Right now you get yourself a brand new Alienware laptop for under $800. That's a great price for a full features laptop from any manufacturer.

Are there refurbished Alienware laptops available? At the moment they don't really have a refurbishment program but Alienware do offer some certified laptops. These are "as new" models that have some very minor cosmetic damage such as a scratch or a small dent. They're still put through the AlienInspection process and you can always upgrade the existing warranty to a full 3-year option for your own peace of mind.

If you ask any tech head or computer fan what their dream laptop is they'll all tell you Alienware - and with good reason. For the power, performance and style on offer they truly are amazing. Wouldn't you like to be the envy of your friends and co-workers?