Ever Considered A Backpack For Your Laptop?

The image of the travelling business person has always been one of a person in a suit rushing through an aiport or city street with their leather laptop satchel slung over their shoulder. For as long as notebook and laptop computers have existed this image has been common in all forms of advertising in magazines or TV.

Times have changed however. The notebook computer has moved from being the tool of the high-powered business person to being the tool of the common everyday Joe on the street. The vast majority of young, middle aged and older professionals now view and use laptops and notebook as as common a work tool as the cellphone. From University students to builders to high profile financiers the laptop is fast becoming as common as a toaster.

Device Transport

This rapid uptake in the use of notebook computers has also seen in a shift in how these devices are transported by people. The leather shoulder satchel is being replaced by the backpack. Why? Convenience, comfort and safety.

A laptop backpack offers more storage space and better protection for a laptop. Many of the current backpacks have specially design "impact zones" built into them to protect your prized possession. These "impact zones" have layers of heavy duty foam and air filled pockets that are specifically designed to allow your laptop to take a licking and keep on ticking.

Personal experience has shown this to be very, very true with my laptop suffering constant abuse and never once being damaged in my travels around Europe, North America or Asia.

From a comfort and ergonomics perspective these laptop backpacks can be worn comfortably on your back. This allows the weight to distribute evenly and not just hang off of one shoulder. Anybody who has lugged a laptop around for a few hours will instantly associate with the pain you can experience from the bag dragging out of your shoulder.

Safety. The stereotypical laptop leather satchel screams "mug me". Thieves instantly associate these bags with valuable electronic property. A backpack instead says "student", "tourist" or "ordinary Joe". This allows you to blend into the crowd and not attract any undue attention from undesirable eyes. This is especially true in airports all over the world.

What To Watch For

There are some things to watch out for when buying a notebook computer backpack.

Firstly all laptop backpacks are designed to fit a certain size laptop/notebook screen. The most common screen sizes are 12", 14", 15" and 17" widescreen. You must buy a notebook backpack that can accommodate the width of your laptop screen. This is especially true of 15" and 17" widescreen models.

Generic laptop backpacks. Do not substitute a sports backpack for a properly designed notebook backpack. A standard backpack will not provide anything like adequate protection for your expensive portable computer. Wrapping your notebook in a sweater and then cramming it into a sportsbag is not a substitute for something like a Targus notebook backpack.

Cheap. There is always a reason why some backpacks cost more. That reason is quality. Most laptops cost in the range of $1,000. If you entrust the protection of this expensive device to a $20 backpack then don't start crying when it all fall aparts. Expect to pay from $50 - $150 for a high quality backpack. You'll be able to buy a great backpack for around $80.